Orbit Ceramic Bearings Transmission Only TLR 22 Series

Orbit Ceramic Bearings Transmission Only TLR 22 Series

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Upgrade your TLR 22 series transmission with a set of Orbit Ceramic Bearings.  Grade 7 Ceramic Hybrid rolling on stainless steel races have proven to be the best option for high-level RC racing for an overall experience of durability & maximum performance.  

The Orbit transmission kit includes:

  • 4pcs 5x10x4
  • 2pcs 10x15x4
  • Orbit S.O. Premium Bearing Oil Sampler


  • All TLR 22 Series 2 wheel drive buggy, truck, short course variants. 
  • Many other makes and models that utilize four 5x10x4 and two 10x15x4 bearings such as most Associated, Yokomo, Sworks, PR Racing 2 wheel drive buggy/truck kits.  Refer to your makes Instruction manual before ordering. 
  • Not compatible with Schumacher or Xray transmissions. 

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