B74.1 Lightweight Ring Gear Set
B74.1 Lightweight Ring Gear Set
B74.1 Lightweight Ring Gear Set
B74.1 Lightweight Ring Gear Set

B74.1 Lightweight Ring Gear Set

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Improve the performance of your Team Associated B74 series vehicle with the Pilot developed Lightweight Ring Gear.  Hand machined in the USA with high quality Delrin using sophisticated machining techniques.  The gear is topped off with a specially designed 7075 reinforcement band that adds strength, rigidity, and durability.  A pair of Lightweight Ring Gear deletes 18.6 grams of rotating mass.  Expect to see better acceleration, cooler motor temperatures, quieter drive train when installed.  Handling wise, the lighter gears allow the car to stay flatter in the corners & under hard braking, and the lower weight car aids in jumping/landing consistency.

The recommended application for the B74 Series Lightweight Ring Gear set is 13.5 Spec racing on dirt surfaces.  Pilot RC Products strongly recommends using the gear set for spec racing only when paired with a center gear diff.  Modified Racing, Artificial Surface racing, and slipper clutch usage is not a recommended application for the gear set. 

  • Includes 2 ring gears, 2 reinforcement bands, and 8 2.5 x8mm flathead screws
  • 71% lighter than steel kit ring gear
  • Machined from Delrin and 7075 Aluminum 
  • Made in USA
  • 13.5 Spec Dirt Racing must have for experienced competitive racers
  • Improves speed, cooling, handling 

Fully tested for durability by the Pilot team during the summer/fall of 2020 at various regional and local races and track days. The gears have proven to be quite durable. However, special care is require when shimming your differentials to ensure proper gear mesh.  Pilot recommends running the mesh slightly tighter than what the Associated instruction manual calls for.  See the enclosed instructions and video below for installation help.  

Big Race proven at the 2021 CRCRC Winter Midwest Championship.  Installed in 3 of the 6 B74.1 that made up the Amain of the 13.5 4 wheel class including race winner/TQ Matthew Gonzales.  


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