B74 Series Inverted Rear Camber Mount
B74 Series Inverted Rear Camber Mount

B74 Series Inverted Rear Camber Mount

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The Pilot RC Products back at it looking for more tenths and we’ve got something new for you. Time to unveil the the latest Pilot RC Product offering!  Introducing the B74 series Rear Inverted Camber Mount!

We began working on this awesome product in November 2020 as we were prepping and testing before the Winter Midwest Champs. We found that running high roll centers on a high grip clay surface helped our cars rotate quicker and hold high speed sweepers with more control.

The mounts are right and left specific and are proudly made in the 🇺🇸USA, CNC machined from 7075 high-quality aluminum. Black anodized finish for that stealth 🥷 look. 5 grams combined weight.   

The intended use for the B74.1 Rear Inverted Camber Mounts are to run higher and finely tune rear roll centers. When mounted to the stock b74.1 shock tower the mount with zero ball stud washers is equal to +1mm above the lowest hole. Spacing down is limited and dependent on how low you run the differential height.

Mounting hardware not included. Hardware required: 1mm ball stud washer, 8mm button head 12mm flat head counter sunk, 8-12mm ball stud.

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