Pilot Premium X-rings
Pilot Premium X-rings

Pilot Premium X-rings

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One of the most critical parts on any RC car is the shocks and having smooth, consistent operation is critical. At Pilot we found racers needing to replace the X-rings frequently as most offerings swell and deform after just a few hours of being exposed to the silicon oil. The swelling we found drastically reduced the cars capability to absorb bumps and hurt the cars overall traction while also making the shocks inconsistent for long race weekends. Pilots team has worked on a solution for this, our X-ring kit will never swell with the oil and will have a much longer useful life. Throw in the included Pilot Orange grease and they will be performing just like brand new for months! The X-rings are completely able to be wiped off, greased and re-installed time and time again. We do recommend periodically cleaning the dirt out of them this can be done simply by wiping the X-ring off with a dry micro fiber cloth and re-greasing before re-installing (don't use any cleaners on the rings). This great product will save you money and keep your shocks performing like brand new.


  • Includes eight X-rings and a sample of Pilot Orange shock grease
  • Consistent performance with much less maintenance
  • Fits Team Associated, Kyosho and Serpent 1/10 cars
  • Non-swelling design saves money over time  
  • Sealing container included
  • Made in the USA

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