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Pilot RC Products is excited to announce our latest release: the Twelve Seventeen. The Twelve Seventeen was in-house designed by the Pilot Race Team and machined 100% here in the USA.


As the product indicates, the Twelve Seventeen is a commercial grade tire prep/sander bit that can go from 12mm hexes (1/10 vehicles) to 17mm hexes (1/8 vehicles). Just loosen the set screw and slide the 17mm “1/8” adapter over the 12mm “1/10” hex and tighten it back down.


To ensure long term durability the bit and 17mm adapter are machined from stainless steel.


Another great feature is the large quick-change hand nut that is milled from high grade 7075 aluminum. This allows for fast, and precise wheel/tire changes.


* One tool for both 1/10 and 1/8 applications.

* Quick-change Hex-Shank for impact style connectors.

* 100% Made in the USA.

* Patent pending.

* High grade materials.

* Quick-change hand nut.

* No need to bring a nut driver to the tire sanding room.



PLT0012 Twelve Seventeen


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