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Pilot Temp Tabs
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Pilot Temp Tabs

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Here at Pilot RC Products we are always looking for ways to monitor the condition of our racing equipment. This idea came at a race where one of us said to the other “What if these motors had a check engine light if it gets too hot”.
We found a pretty slick way to solve that with these non-reversible temperature indicators. Apply these to the motor can and accurately and economically sense and record motor temperatures. Each irreversible temp tab indicator label contains temperature sensitive chemicals which turn permanently and irreversibly from silver to black at its calibrated temperature of 180F. Response time is less than five seconds with an accuracy of ±2% or 1­°C of rated value whichever is greater. Each sticker is a single use product and after the surface temperature hits 180F the sticker can be easily removed and discarded after changing colors.


•Each package includes three temp tabs

•Easily monitor your motors temperature 

•Highly accurate within 2% of temperature 

•Lightweight and small footprint that fits all motors 


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